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A former Assistant Manager who worked at an RMH operated Applebee’s restaurant has filed a class and collective action overtime lawsuit against RMH Franchise Corp., RMH Illinois, LLC, and RMH Franchise Holdings, Inc. (collectively, “RMH”). The lawsuit alleges that RMH has misclassified its Assistant Managers as exempt and failed to pay them overtime wages in violation of the federal and state wage laws.

Plaintiff alleges that RMH required its Assistant Managers to work over 40 hours each workweek, but failed to compensate them at the proper overtime rate for those hours.

Plaintiff alleges that Assistant Managers spent a majority of their time performing non-exempt hourly work, including customer service, food preparation, and other non-managerial tasks, such as:

  • greeting and waiting on customers;
  • expediting food and serving customers;
  • preparing and cooking food;
  • clearing and setting tables;
  • washing dishes;
  • counting inventory;
  • cleaning the restaurant; and
  • performing general customer service.

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